The governing Council of the Dairy Research Foundation comprises members of the Sydney School of Veterinary Science and the University of Sydney, representatives of industry and government groups, and interested individuals from within the dairying community.


The day to day management of the Foundation is carried out by the Council that meets regularly under the chairmanship of the President.

Ex officio council members

President Mr. Michael Perich
Vice-Principal Advancement (or nominee) Mr. Tim Dolan/Ms. Melissa Bonevska (Nominee)
Director of Foundation Prof. Yani Garcia
Dean, Faculty of Science (University Officer) Prof. Iain Young
Vice President Mr. Gavin Moore


Elected council members

Mr George Davey Mr Bill Inglis
Professor Paul Sheehy Mr Shaughn Morgan
Dr Ian Lean Mr Brett Ruth
Mr Ron Perich Mr Gavin Moore
Mrs Lynne Strong Mr Daniel Dickeson

Honorary Governors

Mr Gregory Lindsay-Owen Dr Jim Gooden
Emeritus Prof. Frank Annison Mr Dave Heptonstall
Dr Roy Kellaway


Administrative Officer Mrs Lynne Gardner


An application to join the Foundation can be made by filling out and returning the membership form.

The Foundation welcomes enquiries regarding sponsorship or bequests, particularly where financial backing can help in training postgraduate students, or funding specific research projects or the Symposium.

Steering Advisory Board – Application for Chairperson

Call for applications for Chairperson of the Steering and Advisory Board of the 4H Program.

Full details available on the SAB Chairperson application and the 4H Governance Model and ToR

Applications due by 9 May 2021.