The Dairy Research Foundation of the University of Sydney serves a unique role within Australia’s dairy industry by integrating a program of basic and applied research at the cutting edge of dairy science and production with extension activities to disseminate this information among dairy farmers nationwide.

The commercial competitiveness of our dairy producers relies heavily on the establishment of new technologies for managing and feeding cows to maximise productivity within our Australian environment. These programs would not be possible without the close co-operation and generous financial support of both dairy producers and corporate sponsors.

The Foundation has supported research in Dairy Science for more than 50 years. In this time, the Dairy Science Section has achieved a reputation for excellence in animal research of worldwide standing.

This has been due in no small part to the leadership provided by the Foundation Directors, namely Dr. W. Whittlestone, Dr. A.K. Lascelles, Dr. R.C.Kellaway, Emeritus Professor E.F.Annison, Dr.G.H. McDowell, Dr. Jim Gooden Dr Bill Fulkerson and at present Professor Yani Garcia.


Extension of Research to the Industry

The Foundation plays an important role in keeping the dairy industry informed on new research developments, and on the practical application of research findings.

Much of this activity has been centred on the Annual Symposium which is held at Camden and various locations within the state and attracts an audience of over 150 people each year.

Research areas

We have a proud record of research achievement in the areas of:

  • Milking Machine Design and Function
  • Lactational Physiology
  • Lipid Metabolism
  • The Partitioning of Nutrients during Lactation
  • Control of Enteric Disease in Young Calves
  • Artificial Induction of Lactation
  • Control of Milk Fever
  • Regulation of Lactation at the Cellular Level
  • Pasture-based systems
  • Feedbase
  • Forage Crops
  • Robotic milking and voluntary cow traffic
  • Advanced automation and Technologies for dairying

At present the focus for research is on forage production, feed management and future farming systems and innovations.



Staff of the Dairy Science Group, as members of the Sydney School of Veterinary Science, are responsible for teaching a number of undergraduate courses in dairying to Agriculture and Veterinary Science students.

The Dairy Research Foundation has attracted a large number of Australian and overseas postgraduate students to work at the University of Sydney, Camden. Many of these have progressed to achieve prominence in numerous areas of the dairy industry.

The Dairy Research Foundation has become a focal point for international students and academics. In the past few years the DRF has hosted many international students completing occupational traineeships and a number of academics have visited for short term research projects.

Postgraduate research opportunities

For information on what is being offered by the Dairy Science Group please contact us at

AMR at Corstorphine

In August 2014, The University of Sydney and Dairy Research Foundation celebrated the completion and commissioning of an Automatic Robotic Rotary (DeLaval AMR).
For further details on the FutureDairy project please follow the link to the FutureDairy website.


Virtual Herding Project

A major project has also been established under the Commonwealth Rural R&D for Profit program, to undertake research and development of the implementation of virtual herding technology across the major livestock industries in Australia.
For further information please follow the link to the Virtual Herding Project page